Top 3 Leading Industries Using AR/VR Technology

We are all familiar with AR/VR technology and how it is being used vastly in numerous things. The much-hyped game Pokémon Go is one of the examples of an AR technology game that ruled the internet for months and had millions played right after its launch. 

However, many industries are using VR/AR technology to enhance their workforce operations and to step up in the world of technology. These days even surgeries can be done with 3D technology, 2D 3D images, medical pieces of training, and much more. 

In addition to this, you can visit places you can only dream of such as the Eiffel Tower, and the Taj Mahal, or imagine visiting space while sitting on your bed. Fun, isn’t it? All thank o technological advancement we are able to experience such wow things. This is the reason why mobile application development company Austin has been focusing on apps that are integrated with AR/VR technology.

As a result, many AR/VR trends are taking birth in many industries such as gaming, architecture, retail, military, business, and healthcare. You name it and AR/VR technology will be found everywhere. One of the top trends is discussed below. You must be aware of what avatars are, if you are a user of Snapchat then Avatar is not new for you. You can design an Avatar that looks exactly like you, add facial features, hair type, height, size, and complexion, and get your own personal Avatar. Even WhatsApp has introduced the latest feature where you can create an avatar of yourself. Before this Instagram had announced this feature for their users. 


Let’s discuss the industries making the most of these technological advancements.

1. Healthcare 

You must have seen medical TV shows that show the use of AR/VR technology on bodies to practice before digging into a real body. It is the same in reality, doctors are seen practicing using these technologies so that they can improve their stitching, cutting, and sealing techniques. This is a method to have a hands-on model so that when it comes to operating on a real human body the process can go smoothly.

Additionally, it also reduces the extra cost of staff, fake bodies, and energy too. The procedure is time-saving, swift, and errorless. Furthermore, there is a brilliant instrument that can detect veins so that the nurses don’t bleed the patient by jabbing injections into their hands looking for veins. 

Heard about therapies, right? Now imagine getting therapy through Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy. It is another popular advancement in the medical industry for mental disorders namely PTSD which allows patients to calm down and relax. 

2. Retail 

The use of AR technology is revolutionizing the experience of shopping, customers can customize, interact and get better engagement. Many people have started using augmented reality features to make their purchasing choices better. Nike is the best example of using Web Augmented Reality to increase customer engagement. 

Also, it has improved customer services by utilizing the technology for in-store staff. You liked a dress in a particular store but have no time to try it out? Well, this is where AR comes in handy. You do not need to try the dress in the actual sense because AR can help you out in trying dresses, or shoes without even having to wear them. 

Another tremendous use of AR technology is its intelligent use in the malls when you pass by and it shows you the deals and discounts going on. At the time when almost 75% of the population in 2025 will be shifted to use AR and there is no going back.

Furthermore, around 32% of buyers use augmented reality while shopping because it is fun and quick to use. It not only increases sales but removes gaps between the retailing experiences with customers. E-commerce platforms have also enabled the AR feature so that the online shopping experience can be enhanced. Now people can continue to shop online without having to worry about their choices.

In addition to this, Maybelline a well-known and highly trusted makeup brand has added a feature on their website so that women can select the shade that matches their complexion. This has not only increased their sales but people have started the brand even more. According to them, they think it is a wonderful step by the brand to make the online experience better for people who cannot shop from stores.


Another leading industry that is making the most of AR reality is architecture. It has transformed the whole industry in remarkable ways in the past few years. The modeling, design, and construction of everything have changed since AR was introduced for all the procedures.

The introduction of Augmented Reality has improved the work experience not only on-site but online too. Clients can now their projects before even the construction has started all thanks to top AR. Architectures can present designs beautifully crafted with the help of AR. Imagine looking at your home, office, or restaurant just as you have imagined before the pillars are placed.

As a result, it is a perfect solution to show clients how their future homes are going to look. Not only do they trust the work but also a sense of achievement is built within both the parties. These revolutionary ideas have increased the probability of successful business. It increases customer satisfaction and allows humans to bring their creativity into augmented reality. 


So these were the top 3 industries that have experienced a huge shift in sales and success since they integrated Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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