Technology Holds The Answer To Independent Pharmacy Upscaling – Interview With RxMile CEO Kunal Vyas

It’s been long-established that satisfaction of patients is much higher when you use an independent pharmacy to a chain pharmacy but trying to find ways to compete financially with the big brands is a persistent issue.

But, it’s an issue Kunal Vyas the RxMile’s CEO, RxMile will do everything to address. The interviewer put forth his reasons for the introduction of his digital independent pharmacy as well as explains the ways it could help owners.

What Was The Driving Force Behind The Launch of RxMile?

As the owner of an independently owned pharmacy I realized the need to equalize the playing field for independent and chain pharmacies which is why the RxMile was developed. It was a must-have solution to allow independent pharmacies such as mine to improve their efficiency, maximize, and manage retention rates and attrition.

RxMile was created to address these issues . It will allow independently owned pharmacies to be competitive in the rapidly-changing world of home delivery prescriptions. As a comprehensive solution, it can be customized to meet each individual pharmacy’s needs and aims to alter the constantly changing environment of the global trillion-dollar marketplace for prescription drugs.

Why Are Independent Pharmacies Lagging Behind In Terms of The Adoption of Digitised Solutions?

The high cost of implementing modern digital technology has proved prohibitive to the owners of pharmacies that are independent. While many pharmacy owners in independent pharmacies admit that digital methods of working are crucial to transform and change within their business, the hurdles for embracing this change have been historically extremely steep.

Not only have the old methods been in use for a long time, but the quantity of time and money needed to implement these solutions has been major obstacles.

It is ever more evident that failing to implement digitization could result in the demise of small-scale pharmacies already disadvantaged in the competitive market. However, embracing digitization can provide even the smallest pharmacy an opportunity to access the larger audience and stand out from competition.

How Does RxMile Address This Problem?

One of the biggest changes independent pharmacies have to implement is switching to offering prescriptions directly to patients. In today’s world the patients are accustomed to the convenience of home delivery for purchases of any kind and their need for convenience is now expanding to the medication they are prescribed.

While major pharmacies have rolled out the home delivery service, small-scale pharmacies have discovered it nearly impossible to pay for the extra costs, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage in attempting to draw and keep patients. Here is the point where RxMile comes into the picture.

Created specifically to tackle this issue, RxMile meets all of the necessary PBM contractual obligations, but offers a low-cost solution for pharmacists who operate independently all over the nation.

How Does Technology Aid Independent Pharmacy Owners To Scale Up?

A growth-automated system, RxMile equips independent pharmacy owners with everything they require to be competitive. This includes an all-inclusive delivery portal with live tracking in real time, compliant and auditing assistance, medication synchronization, routing optimization, pay-on delivery as well as contactless signature capture. refill authorization and co-pay collection tools and all for a reasonable price.

A further feature that is important, it’s designed to be integrated with the software for pharmacy owners currently use to facilitate seamless changes to the current management of their delivery.

The adoption of this technology allows small-scale pharmacy service providers to grow up their offerings and pose an important challenge to big-name pharmacies that are currently dominating the market but are failing patients in regards to satisfaction.

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